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For the cute anon - 50 facts about me

1. I am a 17 y/o female

2. I love sushi

3. My favourite animals are rabbits, snow leopards, whales, elephants and lions.

4. It’s been my childhood dream to go to France.

5. I’m almost finished with high school.

6. I write poetry and short stories.

7. I’m an emotional wreck when it comes to any movies or books.

8. I got de booty.

9. Favourite colour is light blue, and has been since I can remember.

10. Favourite fruit is watermelon/coconut.

11. Favourite band is Coldplay.

12. Harry Styles is da bae.

13. Dave Franco is next after that.

14. Social life does not exist for me any more.

15. The best way to pick me up is with crude/vulgar/corny pickup lines.

16. I’ve started rewatching my childhood animes (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Avatar The Last Airbender etc)

17. I have a pet dog called Bon Bon.

18. I used to have a pet rabbit called Gertrude, but as of last month she ran away.

19. I’m quite a deep person I guess.

20. I have double piercings on my ears, and am planning on thirds (but am afraid whether it will affect my criteria to get a job after uni)

21. Fave female in the industry is Lorde.

22. Drawing is one of my greatest passions.

23. I’ve been collecting stamps since I was 4 years old.

24. My wardrobe basically no colour (most clothes are white, grey, black or maroon with occasion slashes of very vibrant colours)

25. This is my favourite number.

26. My casual sense of dressing is what people usually consider formal lol (I’m classy)

27. My cute maths tutor named hisย  black Honda Civic after me :3

28. The Beatles are the best.

29. I made a really good friend over the internet, from the States, and for the first time I thought it’d work, but he’s disappeared on me.

30. I am in the middle of the biggest and most important exams of my entire life right now.

31. My favourite Disney move was always Cinderella, but as of 2 years ago it’s Beauty and the Beast.

32. I have had my heart broken and trampled upon by a boy who didn’t even know, and did not care.

33. Virgin in every sense of the word, (including first “proper” kiss)

34. I am a soccer referee, and also play in a team.

35. I hate sand.

36. Music tends to make me cry a lot.

37. I have the crappiest sense of humour, I laugh at everything. The other day, my little brother made me cry from laughter because of the way he said ‘poop’.

38. I have the most defined hourglass figure you’ve ever seen - and it sucks.

39. I wreck my chances with all the boys I want. Probably because they’re all actual douchebags.

40. I’m pretty sure I’ve had my tumblr for almost 3 years. Thus, this is why my social life became non-existent.

41. My brother has started getting me into EDM. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my rock/indie/folk/pop/alt mixture.

42. In primary school, I would hang out with the boys rather than the girls - and they would all ask me to set themselves up with my bestfriend, who was the “it” guy at the time.

43. The happiest day of my life so far was the day when my little brothers’ were born.

44.Harry Potter fan forever.

45. I adore my tumblr followers, and all the questions you send me (even if they are weird at times).

Thank you to whoever sent that question in, itย really got me thinking. Now you all know how much of a boring person I am. Ily.ย 

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Greg Long at Mavericks. Half Moon Bay, CA - Jay Watson, 2012
"Youโ€™d destroy me, and Iโ€™d let you."
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